3 Ways to Solve Problems of Internet PS3

Friday, November 11, 2011

I have a problem connecting PS3 to internet. There is an error message continues to appear on my screen when connected. However, my laptop can access the Internet through the router itself very well. Fortunately, after some research in terms of time, I found a way to solve this problem, the PS3 internet connection. That's what I do ...

First, upgrade my wireless router. As you probably know that the driver software routers are raised at regular intervals to need to work best. Make sure there is the updated version, to avoid the possibility of interruption.

Secondly, change the SSID and WEP password. SSID (Service Set Identifier) ​​is the name of your wireless network. You can find a different wireless network listed, select one of your own. Remember, less security, if you can use WEP encryption for high security, the PS3 internet problems. And add the PS3, because the device is acceptable if the WAP is filtering MAC addresses in September

Third, go to Internet Connection Settings. PS3 Internet connection problems are often solved by changing the network settings. Follow these steps:

1. ) Change your DNS server addresses to the GoogleDNS servers: and make sure that the PS3 settings on automatic / easy.

2. ) Find the IP address of the router.

3. ) Open a web browser (Firefox is the browser I use) on a computer connected to the router (does not work on the PS3 browser, you must use a computer).

4. ) the router's IP address manually in the address bar.

5. ) Ensure that the user name and password you wish to have included. If you've never been one, you must use the default user name and password. You can add the router's manual to find. Try username "admin" without a password if you can not get information there. But there's little chance you can get through.

6. ) Once logged in, manually enter "DNS Primary and Secondary." Enter the DNS address as primary and as the secondary.

7.) Check and see if the PS3 has an Internet connection problems.


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