Computer - Long Time to Startup?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

This article gives you some tips to speed up your slow computer! Some tips and tricks that I learned how to work a computer technician. If your computer is very slow to start, there are some important things you are looking for. We list and go into detail on each of them.

- Startup Items- Virus- Register- Temporary files (cookies, etc.)
Startup Items
One of the most important things that lead to that computer is slow at the start, all programs that are set to load when you are 30 programs, all of which need to be the first time I run Windows as a burden to understand why it Load can take time. To combat this you can in msconfig and disable all startup programs you do not need to go .. or you can use a program called Boot dispute that you need a list of all programs of the United Nations, in order, from there you can say, what to avoid charging.
If you have viruses or spyware on your computer, this could also delay the start time. Do respect a full virus / spyware scan that your computer is free from infection. If you do not have a scanner, I'd suggest you run a program called Malwarebytes and get a consistent anti-virus as Avira or Avast (All can be found on Google).
Slow start can be helped by a bad / corrupted / overloaded registry. Try using a registry cleaner like CCleaner.
Temporary files
These are all files that are not needed on your computer. These files are stored on your computer when you see a web page. To clean this you should give your computer a complete overhaul, to try a program like CCleaner or cleaning can be used. I hope some of this information, you can speed up your computer. Even if you get your computer with the right speed, we recommend a complete virus scan of your computer, cleaning the registry and delete unnecessary files on a regular basis. To see a selection of other downloads and links this with the following link.


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