How to backup Windows registry manually

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Windows registry is a huge database of records, such as your computer will run in most cases show. Administer stores all the hardware and software on your Windows machine when you start a particular program, or materials. It was designed to contain hundreds of thousands of files to use computers preferred.

Cleaning the registry is not necessary if the computer is new, because it reflects severe changes to the registry. However, after continuous use of the computer registry with unwanted, invalid entries, corrupt and obsolete which are confusing to a slow computer performance.

The registry size increases dramatically, and this process is inevitable because you are a computer user who frequently install and uninstall programs, drivers and devices. The Windows registry is very sensitive to a single action trigger the computer to edit the registry. This can cause "confusion and loss of keys. If you delete a program from your computer, some registry entries remain inside the computer, so that they are invalid and corrupt keys. Over time, these keys are collected and eat the extra space in your computer. If you continue to neglect this accumulation, the performance of your computer will be affected as a whole, and will begin to manifest.

The registry of a computer contains hundreds of thousands of files, it is very difficult for people who are not familiar with the structure to be understood. Do you dare not touch the Windows registry, if you have sufficient knowledge in this area, because a single error may cause more serious errors such as the Blue Screen of Death.

Registry cleaners are tools designed to correct errors in the computer registry. These tools were developed by experts and technicians can clean your Windows Registry automatically. This saves you time and money because you no longer with the complex structure of the register much and there is no need to bring it to a computer technician.

Some registry cleaners can save the most efficient automatic Windows registry, which allows you to restore changes every time is not the result of purification desirable. You must back up the registry before cleaning its database. This will save you headaches, the results made available by undesirable, as you can make any changes at any time to reverse.

To back up the registry in Windows XP
1) Click on "Start Menu"
2) Click "Run"
3). Type "regedit" This will open another window in which the registration.
4). Then click on "File" and select "Export". This opens another window that asks you where you want to save the log.

I suggest you save the log to a flash drive or an external memory for easy access when you need it immediately. There are two important points to note. Make sure the file type "means a registry file (*. reg)" and not "Text file (. Txt)" You do not want to save as a text because it does not import them into the position of the log file when the log Windows is damaged. The next step is to ensure that each of you to export the registry files. It will not be able to recover, your computer, if only a portion of the registry have been saved.
This is a simple process, but if you from the job security of the registry every time you clean the Windows registry to be saved, you must ensure that buy the registry cleaner that offers this feature. This will help you automatically back up and restore the Windows Registry.


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