How To Sign Up at

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hello everybody, in this post I will teach you how to sign up at to get emails from

1. The first step is to type in in your browser.
After that you will see a display like this:
2. after that you click CREATE AN ACCOUNT who are on the top right.

3. Next you have to do is fill out the form like this:

4. after you have read the Terms of Service and agree, click I accept. Create my account. After that you will see a page like this:
that you have to do is choose the verification method, select your country, phone type, and enter your phone number.
6. after you get a verification code, enter the code.
7. If successful, you will see a page like this, click Show me my account.
8. This is the look of your gmail interface.

Up here, you can send and receive mail through a gmail account you have just finished making.
See you next time, god bless you all.


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