Rarely Invited to Talk, Can Make Kids late talk

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

There are various factors that make a child's ability to speak late, one of them a lack of communication from the parent.
Parents who rarely talked to can make a child too late to talk.

"Children can be too late to talk because his parents are rarely invited to speak the language properly," said Dra. Ratna Juwita, Dipl.Psych, Psychology faculty at the UI in the event Class Journalist 'Building a Healthier Generation and Cultured' at FX Plaza, Jakarta, Wednesday (03/08/2011).

For example, continued Ratna, the child would ask for a drink by issuing a 'baby language', but because the mother is lazy to talk and immediately gave the child to drink, eventually causing the child does not understand the language of the right to mention the word 'drink'.

"If children aged 1 year or 18 months of his words is not clear, it must be aware too late to talk," said Dr. Soedjatmiko, SpA (K), MSI, Faculty of medicine pediatrician / RSCM.

Dr. Soedjatmiko describes the process of speech is a complex process that starts from the hearing process, the brain begins to process, understood, stored and pronounced by the tongue.

"There are several causes that make a child's delayed speech (speech delay)," explained the doctor who had the expertise of this magic.

Besides rarely communicating, according to Dr. Soedjatmiko there are several causes of speech delay in children:

1. Children do not hear
Children will learn to talk if he obtain input words from what he hears everyday. Child's brain will process, understand, store and then say the words he often heard. This does not happen he heard a child's ability impaired.

2. Children can not understand the words spoken
Speech delay may also occur in children who can hear but the storage (brain) is less good. This condition usually occurs in children with mental retardation (mental weakness).

3. The tongue is not functioning properly
Children can hear, can understand and keep the words heard in the brain, but when spoken tongue will not function properly, thus causing difficulty speaking.

4. Input is entered is too varied
Sometimes parents want children to have language skills vary, so it teaches more than one language since children are very young.

"For children who have high intelligence, three languages ​​are taught at the same time would not be a problem, but the average child has not been able to absorb it and even gets confused so have difficulty talking," explains Dr. Soedjatmiko.

Because many things can cause the child has a speech delay, the treatment also varied according to the cause.


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