Trigger Smart Phone Cyber ​​Security Issues

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Major industry trends and the use of new computational models encourage the emergence of concerns related to security issues faced by the company. At the same time, the company faced increasing use of smart phones and tablets in their environment.

Increased use of such devices to be another challenge for companies and organizations in maintaining all the documents. This phenomenon is itself recorded in the State Security Report survey conducted by Symantec Corp..

"Consumers of IT, the growth of the application and threat landscape changes provide a new challenge when organizations or companies improve their cyber security efforts," said Raymond Goh, Regional Technical Director, Systems Engineering at Symantec Asia South Region, Jakarta, October 27, 2011.

Phenomenon, Goh said, making the attacker uses a more sophisticated and dangerous methods of data theft. To that end, the security focus of concern among businesses, even respondents see that this is more important than the various risks such as disasters, terrorism and even traditional crime.

As many as 43 percent of respondents said consumers of IT creates difficulties in the provision of cyber security, application of growth followed by 42 percent while changing threat landscape with 42 percent.

In its report, Symantec noted that 15 percent said the frequency of attacks increased with the top of the attack vector of malicious programs, social engineering, and malicious attacks from outside. "Interestingly, the attack vectors of the fastest growing of malicious programs, attacks from outside and attack from within," said Goh.

The survey also reported that the company suffered losses of downtime, intellectual property theft, theft of customer data information. This loss, equivalent to 79 percent in the financial cost of the whole operational time. "The loss of at least U.S. $ 290 thousand in the last 12 months," said Goh.

In addition, note also that the company is more focused on security, namely by keeping operational and information to keep it safe. "As many as 33 percent of respondents said that cyber security is more important than 12 have not been before. In contrast, only 19 percent of cyber security is less important, "said Goh.

The survey was conducted involving respondents from Indonesia are scattered in 100 companies. The survey was conducted by telephone in April and May 2011 with interviews with the IT strategic and tactical teams, and individuals in charge of IT resources.


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