Types of computer crimes

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Crimes related to the use of information technology for illegal purposes or for unauthorized access to a computer system, where the intention is to remove damaging, or edit data in your computer. Although identity theft, fraud or misuse of electronic devices are considered crimes.

Here is a list of different types of computer crimes.


This is to get unauthorized access to a computer system. Usually hackers were able to pass through the security functions of a computer system, and once inside, they have unlimited access to information and confidential data stored on your computer. Today, the piracy of IP addresses is widespread because it can be the attacker a false online identity and criminal operations without revealing his true identity.


This is a common computer-related crime in the United States. Here are the e-mails to users who are gullible to believe that their e-mails are authentic sites. Users are sent to fake websites where they can enter their confidential data such as user names, passwords and credit cards. The fake sites look like the real thing, and that is why many people are fooled, to give sensitive information.

Computer viruses

They are actually computer programs to replicate and can cause damage to computer systems in a network. These viruses work, without the knowledge of users and spread from computer to computer across network devices, web or removable media such as CDs and USB drives. Write a computer virus is a criminal and is punishable by law.
Identity Theft: This is one of the most serious cases of fraud in the words of today. It is to steal money and benefits through the use of the identity of another person. This includes the use of special credit card to someone else to purchase goods and services. We see that extortion and terrorism often resort to identity theft.

Cyber ​​Stalking

It is the use of the Internet to track a person, as the world, someone in the real world. Here the stalker sends e-mails spreading false information, or problems with using the Internet-borne threats. Cyber ​​stalking is also used to the unsuspecting children and women address.


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