Types of hackers

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

There are several types of malicious hackers who are all different. It is important to know the different types of hackers, so you can properly defend their data.
The term hacker is a generic term to describe the attackers. Not to steal all your data. Below is a list of different types of hackers.

White Hat
White Hat has the skills to enter the computer and do damage.
However, they use their expertise to help organizations. For example, a white hat working for an organization to security breaches and vulnerabilities to see the network.

Black Hat
Black hat hackers also known as uses his abilities to give to the computer systems for ethical reasons.
For example, to user data such as user name and password, credit card number to steal banking information.

Gray Hat
This can act as an attacker can be considered white hat sometimes immoral.
They could be used as a legitimate network security administrator. But while such person the functions, you will find the opportunity to access corporate data and data stealing.

A hacker is simply a telecommunications phreakers.
An example is the trick the phone system is able to charge long distance calls.

Script Kiddy
A script kiddy is someone who has not the capacity of a typical hacker.
They are downloadable hacking programs are based or, sometimes, the script utility to execute an attack.

This is a person with political motives, as someone deface a website and the messages on the website hacked for the world to see.

Hacker computer security
This is someone who knows the technical aspects of computer networking and security.
This person could be protected, the attack a network by a firewall or IPS packet fragmentation.

Academic Hacker
This is usually an employee or student at a university.
They use the resources of those institutions to write malware.

Hackers interests
He is someone who is more inclined to focus on the home computer.
As such, changes to existing hardware or software, with unlicensed software, Apple iPhone Unlock.


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