10 Lies About Doomsday Which Scooped the World

Many people who predict the doomsday world that had horrendous. This is 10 Lies About Doomsday Which Scooped the World.

1. Chicken Astrologer of Leeds, 1806
chicken astrologer from leeds
Chicken Astrologer of Leeds
History records many figures stating that nearly reached the end of the era marked by the arrival of the prophet. However, perhaps the "prophet" of the most bizarre is a chicken laying of the City of Leeds, UK, 1806. It was originally thought to produce a chicken egg which reads "Christ will come". As news spread of this miracle, many believed that the end is almost here so that a curious residents watched the chicken when it eventually spawn and watch fraudsters who write that sentence.

2. The Millerite, 23 April 1843
The Millerite
A New England farmer named William Miller, after several years of studying the Bible, concluded that the time chosen by God to destroy the world can be inferred from a literal interpretation of scripture. He explained this to anyone that the world will end between March 21, 1843 and March 21, 1844. He preached and published writings are many and led thousands of people (called the Millerite) who believed that the exact date of doomsday is 23 April 1843. Many were sold or donated all his possessions because they believe everything is not needed anymore, but when April 23 arrived (but Jesus did not come) then the group was disbanded, and some of them form a movement that until now known as the Seventh-day Adventist Church (Seventh Day Adventist).

3. Armageddon / Doomsday Mormons, 1891 or earlier
Armageddon / Doomsday Mormons

Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon church, the church held a meeting in February 1835 to tell him he was talking to God. During that conversation, Smith acknowledges that Jesus will return in the next 56 years, and then the end times will soon begin.

4. Halley's Comet, 1910
Halley's comet
In 1881, an astronomer, from the spectral analysis, found that the comet tail contains a deadly gas called cyanogen (from the origin of the word cyanide). This was not too interesting until one realizes that cross the earth will intersect with the tail of Halley's comet in 1910. Is the planet's surface will be completely covered with poison gas? That speculation is printed on the front page of The New York Times and several other newspapers, which resulted in widespread panic across the U.S. and in other states. Finally, the scientists explained calmly that it was not worth worrying about.

5. Pat Robertson, 1982
pat robertson
Pat Robertson
May 1980, televangelist and founder of the Christian Coalition, Pat Robertson, surprising and make a lot of people when he stated in his TV show, "700 Club", to viewers around the world that he knows when the world will end (even though the Bible itself in Matthew 24:36 about the end stated "On the day and hour no one knows, even the angels in heaven do not know"). "I guarantee that in 1982 there will be judgments of the world," said Robertson.

6. Heaven's Gate, 1997

heavens gate
Heaven's Gate
When comet Hale-Bopp appeared in 1997, emerging issues that alien spacecraft following the comet's center. It was covered by NASA and the astronomy community. Although the allegations were refuted by astronomers (and could be denied anyone who has a good telescope), the issue was aired in the radio show "Coast to Coast AM" Art Bell that was delivered and the paranormal-themed. These allegations inspired a cult who believe in UFOs in San Diego calling itself Heaven's Gate to believe that the world will end soon. The world is ending for the 39 members of the cult who committed suicide on March 26, 1997.

7. Nostradamus, August 1999
Michel de Nostradame papers are very confusing and metaphorical have attracted the attention of many people for over 400 years. His writing, the accuracy is highly dependent on the interpretation of a highly flexible, has been translated and back translated in dozens of different versions. One line of his writings mentions, "In 1999, the seventh month. From the sky came a great king of terror." Many Nostradamus followers became restless because they suspect that this is the famous seer's vision of the apocalypse.

8. Y2K, January 1, 2000
When the last century to a close, many people worry that the computer will cause the apocalypse. The problem, known since 1970, is that many computers can not distinguish between 2000 and 1900. No one knows for sure what effect it has, but many suspect will be a disaster, ranging from lights off mass until a nuclear explosion. Arms sales to rise and people prepared to survive in a bunker. But in fact, not many errors occur when the new millennium begins.

9. May 5, 2000
richard noone
If it was wrong Y2K did not happen, then the global catastrophe is guaranteed to happen by Richard No one, author of the book 5/5/2000 Ice: The Ultimate Disaster in 1997. According to No one, the mass of ice in Antarctica will be as thick as three miles away on May 5, 2000, a date that also coincides with the parallel of the planets in the solar system, that would somehow cause a fatal global freezing. That date passed and the earth has not been frozen, but the book was actually "hot" on the market. Perhaps also, global warming prevent the recurrence of ice ages that.

10. God's Church Ministry, fall 2008
God's Church Ministry
According to the minister from God's Church, Ronald Weinland, the end times have arrived, again. His book in 2006, 2008: God's Final Witness, shows that hundreds of millions of people will die, and at the end of 2006, "no more than 2 years left before the world was experiencing the worst time in human history. In the autumn of 2008, America will collapse as the country's ruling , and never will be again an independent state, "and the book was also noted," Ronald Weinland risking his reputation as an end-time prophet of God. "


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