How to install Win7 with your USB

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sometimes we need to re-install our OS, in this case Win7, all that we need is the Installer DVD of win7 installer (any version we're prefer to), put it into the DVD drive then boot the machine to it and you can do anything else to the rest of the setup progress, but what if we doesn't has any DVD drive in our machine..?
what should we do than..? hmmm we can do it using an external DVD drive connected by usb, but (again) what if we doesn't have one too..? so here's the solution, all that we need is a usb removable drive, usually known as flash disk to create win7 installer but no software at all :D 
Here are the tools you need :
1. first you need another "ready to use and healthy" computer or laptop, let's call it master computer, to transfer the data you need.
2. win7 installer DVD, or you can use an image file (iso, nrg, etc.) of this kind of installer
3. a flash disk, of course, with 4Gb minimum capacity, because the Installer is 3,5Gb
4. that's all :D
Step by step to Prepare the win7 installer USB flashdisk : 1. plug the flashdisk into any usb connector of your master computer, don't forget to back up any important data first.
2. open the command prompt window using win logo key + R, type cmd then hit enter
3. in the command prompt window type disk part then enter
4. type list disk to view the list of the whole drive you have on your master computer
5. find the one with 4GB in capacity, in my computer disk 0 is 80GB, disk 1 is 500GB and disk 2 is 4GB, it means that my flash disk is known as disk 2
6. then type this commands sequentially :
select disk 2 enter
clean enter, this will clean up any content of your flash disk
create partition primary enter
select partition 1 enter
active enter
format /fs=NTFS enter, wait till 100% completed, this will take sometimes according to your flash disk 's read/write speed
when done type exit then enter, leave it for a while
7. insert the win7 installer DVD you have, or you can use an image file and mount it to virtual cd/dvd drive using any virtual drive software and note the drive letter, in mine it's on drive F
8. back to cmd window then type this command
f: enter
cd boot enter
bootsect.exe/nt60 g: (drive letter of the flash disk) enter
if done close the cmd window, open explorer than copy all files and folder in the whole DVD into your flash disk including the hidden ones
you can also add any other software installer into this flash disk beside the win7 installer, as long as you got free space on it :D
when the copying process is done, you will have a usb flash disk with win7 installer in it
you can use it to re-install any computer, laptop or netbook using this flash disk, but first make sure to boot to this flash disk, you can set it on BIOS or just using boot menu if available.
that's all.

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