Hackers Reveal Symantec's Secret Data

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hackers group from India claimed have a number of important documents from leading antivirus manufacturer, Symantec. One by one the data exposed through the internet.

Group of hackers calling themselves "The Lords of Dharmaraja". One of their members post the documents on Pastebin site, which is recognized is the source code of Norton antivirus, Symantec's flagship application.

In addition, hackers with the nickname Tough Yama was also post the on Google+ the other data which is claimed is the source code of the technology owned by Symantec Immune System Gateway Server Packaging as well as the existing Quarantine in Norton antivirus.

So what impact for Symantec? Clearly, the concern is the source code used to create applications rival, or even worse could have then appeared immune to the virus that Norton antivirus.

It is not certain from which the data are from, but one member of the hackers claimed get it from one of the servers owned by the Indian government. That said, the server has the source code for several other applications are confidential.

"We get information from Indian intelligence server. So far we've found the source code of spy program (application rangefinder) and a dozen other applications," claims the group.


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