Happy New Year 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy new year 2012

Happy new year 2012 !

In 2012 this new year, hopefully in the last year we hope that has not come true, could this come true in 2012.

This is my wish list last year that has not come true : 
1. Buy a BMW car
2. buy the iPhone 4S
3. blog reaches 1000 visitors / day

Hopefully some of this I hope can come true in the  new year 2012.

What is your hopes in this new year 2012 ?

Write here, and perhaps God will grant it to you :)


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  2. Happy new year to all viewers. Last year Apple launched its new smart phone iPhone4S with giving more applications. I wish that Apple will launch iPhone5 in this new year as soon as possible because I can't wait any more.