New Mode Fraud With Facebook

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Facebook the world's largest social media, with the number of users who have reached 850 million worldwide, is the most interesting social media. Even in the eyes of cyber criminals.

David Jacoby, security experts from Kaspersky found a new mode of fraud on Facebook that aims to steal user's credit card data. As quoted from digitaltrends, Saturday (01/14/2012).

This scam (phishing) still use one of the old method, the advantage of a user through the chat feature.

Actors who already have access to one of the users of Facebook, will immediately spread the message to all friends on the list. Content, potential victims would be scared that his account would be closed because it is considered false.

The contents of the message also invites users to verify the data by providing a specific link. But beware, the link will refer to a page similar to Facebook.

There are several pages on the site. The first victim will be asked for personal details such as name, email, and password on Facebook. Then on the second page, the user is asked for confirmation of correctness of data by entering credit card numbers, complete with expiration date, security number, and billing address.

Not yet known how many victims who successfully fooled, but Facebook promised to immediately investigate this case. In the meantime, watch out.


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