Palestine Hackers Deface Israel Site

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The group of hackers from Palestine, calling themselves Gaza Strip began to tease Israel. This time, their action is seeping into the local fire department site.

Israel indeed seems to be the butt of cyberspace bandits. Previously, a group of hackers from Saudi Arabia managed to cram about 400 thousand credit card Israelis who then distributed on the internet.

Action was immediately infuriated the local government. Israel through the Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon directly confirmed that they will fight like a bunch of terrorist hackers.

Israel is now back to being the target fraudulent hackers. This time the victim is the site of the fire department and rescue community.

As quoted from the AFP on Sunday (1/15/2012), on Friday evening local time hackers changed the site's main page (deface) with a photo that read "Death of Israel".

"There (websites) is written a word in Arabic and display photos Dany Ayalon," said Yoram Levy, a spokesman for Israel firefighter.


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