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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

computer slow
10 Cause PC Slow And Solution. Many are the causes why your computer becomes slow, maybe some of us have not much to know why all of a sudden when using a computer to be slow, so it will inhibit the activity of our work in progress.

Well what are the causes of our computer so slow? and what's the solution?

Here are at least 10 causes a computer (PC) is slow and how to overcome them:

1. Computer is slow due to lack of memory (RAM)
Slow computer problem due to lack of RAM installed is of generally known by all computer users.

For that try to check the capacity of memory (RAM) installed, for Intel Pentium 4 class computer with Windows XP OS and application upgrades was the standard should be at least 1 GB of memory.

2. The computer is slow because too many programs (software) installed.
Personally I often find computers, especially personal property that are installed various programs therein, when such applications are rarely or never used at all.

Check out what programs are installed in computer by clicking the Add / Remove Programs in Control Panel and uninstall programs that just become \ "accessories \" is.

3. The computer is slow because too many start up programs and services running.
This relates to point No. 2, more and more programs are installed, the more programs and services that will run when windows start up.

To disable start up programs and services that run automatically, go to \ "System Configuration Utility \" by typing: msconfig in the run menu, then on the service tab and uncheck the start up do to the applications that are not needed.

To see what applications are running, we can use a tool Prosesexplorer. With this tool we can see and disable (kill) any applications that are not needed or suspected as a virus.

4. The computer is slow because of the already swollen Temporary Files
The cause of slow computers that are already swollen to four temporary files (temporary). For Windows Xp location of the file in: \ "C: \ \ Documents and Settings \ \user_name \ \ Local Settings \ \ Temp \" and \ "C: \ \ WINDOWS \ \ Temp \".

To clean it, delete the files was contained in both locations or run Disk CleanUp program by clicking Start, Run, type: \ "cleanmgr \" and select the drive you want to cleanup.

5. The computer is slow because too many programs that serve as the \ "security programs \"
Security programs such as antivirus and firewall programs are additional applications that must exist on the computer, but do not be too excessive for example by installing an antivirus program as well 2-3.

For windows security problem, the important thing is to do an update, activate and use antivirus firewalls that do not burden the computer such as PCMAV Antivirus and be careful when using a USB stick / Memory Card.

6. The computer is slow because of problems on the hard disk
Hard drive is the second component after the RAM that can cause the computer to be slow. Computer problems caused by the slower hard drive such as this:
- Low disk space
- Hard drive is fragmented
- Hard drive is already long, so the rpm decreases
- Hard drive errors / bad sectors

How to cope with a slow computer because the hard drive problem above is:
- Upgrade the hard drive capacity by adding or replacing hard drive
- Do disk defragmenter on a regular basis
- Avoid hard disk of dust, shock and overheating.
- Repair damage to the hard drive with the checkdisk tool.

7. The computer is slow because of viruses, malware or spyware on the computer.
If the first computer we've got a virus or malware, then you should run the Windows Safe Mode, turn off system restore facilities and use programs such as Virus Cleaner Norman Malware Cleaner to clean the virus or malware, and doing all the updates to the operating system.

8. The computer is slow because there is a corrupted System Files or even lost.
Usually occurs after the computer is infected with the virus and infected files that are already damaged by antivirus or deleted. The easiest solution is to repair the operating system used.

9. Computer hardware is slow because of overheating problems.
Hardware overheating occurs either on the hard disk, VGA card, processor or CPU in general can lead to declining performance of the computer that eventually became the computer hangs, slow or even frequent restarts. To make sure that air circulation on the inside of the CPU runs fine as well as on the fan (fan) should be clean of dust and can rotate smoothly.

10. The computer is slow because of connectivity problems on the network / network
This could occur because of high network traffic, hub or switch may hang or the presence of viruses that try to get into our computer system. To remedy this, try to pair off and back on the LAN Card RJ45 connector or Reset LAN, restart the Switch / hub and use a port scanner program to see what data packet in and out of our computers.

That's 10 things the causes and how to overcome a slow PC that usually happens by computer users, so the above problems can hopefully be the best solution so you do not panic.


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