The Polemic of SOPA & PIPA

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

sopa and pipa
A number of activists of the world internet services, from Google to Wikipedia, was gossip because of the existence of the draft Anti-Piracy Law Online is now being deliberated in the United States. The second rule in question is the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA).

According to advocates from Sheyoputra Law Office, Donny A. Sheyoputra, these two laws was true had long prepared. Only, just busy talking now because in the process of finalization. After all, since the beginning that when it was still drafted, which also many opposed.

"Essentially, it is a law that aims to minimize the chances of piracy, especially through online or internet sectors. The problem, often via the Internet piracy occurs's not intentional. It made some people opposed. SOPA was more towards internet piracy and PIPA more as a general policy that IP is established, "he explained.

Reported by Venture Beat, SOPA is described later allow the U.S. government and corporate copyright holders to target foreign websites alias from outside the U.S. that are considered in violation, piracy or counterfeiting of intellectual property.

For example, if there are websites that have been accused of illegal content that violates copyright (including songs, pictures, video clips, etc.), then the site can be blocked by ISPs in the U.S., was posted from a search engine, and even intercepted to run online business with providers of payment services like PayPal.

No doubt, look at the various possibilities that could be done, many parties are concerned about the implementation of this Act. Because would drastically change the way the Internet operates.

"If openly selling pirated products, it shall be clearly matched. But if applied to raw, then that is not intentionally violate any can get. For example, create a text but forgot to write the source of the quotation. It can be scary to Wikipedia, including a protest," Donny added.

"So that is considered dangerous is the possibility of abuse of the law against those who actually are not aware of copyright infringement because they do not know," he continued.


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