The Slow Read Attack, Relax Style to Shut Down Website

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Usually, the most frequently used hackers to cripple a site is attacked by the mode of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). But now discovered a new, more relaxed, but deadly.

DDos methods generally use multiple computers that continuously sends requests to the server, the number of requests is large and insistent is slowly but surely could subvert a site. This method is also frequently used by the hacker group Anonymous.

Well, now there's a way found by Sergey Shekyan, head of research institutions Qualsys security. He managed to create a tool that allows doing DDoS only through a single computer only.

The application is called Slow Read. How it works similar to a DDos in general, only data provided by the server is read very slowly. That said, the action takes advantage of loopholes in the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) which allows hackers to manipulate the flow of data.

Quoted from, "This application is a refinement of previous versions of the slowhttptest tool. Programs that have been used to destabilize the Iranian government servers in 2009". 


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