SOPA Protests, Facebook and Twitter Not Joined Blackout

Thursday, January 19, 2012

stop SOPA
Protest against anti-piracy legislation SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (IP Protect Act) does not seem to have the full support of the major players in the realm of the internet.

Solicitation doing blackout on or off the site for one full day devoted to Google, Facebook, Twitter and other major sites. But the biggest participant in this action is the online encyclopedia Wikipedia and social-news site Reddit.

This situation, as reported by Fox News, Thursday (19/01/2012), shows that although technology companies oppose this legislation, but not all of them are ready to sacrifice one day to shut down the site as a form of protest.

Wikipedia, Reddit and thousands of other sites to join the blackout. Their website is inaccessible for 24 hours - Wednesday U.S. time. When visited, the site displays cries of protest and provide a link to voice support.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to disagree if SOPA and the pipe was passed through a posting on his Facebook account. This post immediately attracted the attention of 250 thousand users to mark 'Like' and commented.

Among the commentators, many have argued Zuckerberg opinion is worthless if not accompanied by concrete actions. According to them, if Facebook is really against the SOPA, the social networking giant is supposed to shut down their sites such as Wikipedia.

Twitter and Google too, both of these sites feel no need to shut down their operations. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo have another view of this matter. In Wikipedia Twitter account to criticize the action, Costolo assume global business closes in response to domestic political problems is foolish.

While Google, protested he did with such a black mark sensor box on the Google logo on its search engine. When clicked, the black box directs users to a variety of links that contain information about SOPA and PIPA.