Tips Caring For Your Battery Laptop

Monday, January 23, 2012

laptop batteries
Laptop battery is a very important component in the laptop. Battery laptop with good condition is the desire of all people. these are some tips to take care of your laptop battery to keep the condition excellent.

1. When the First Time Buying a Laptop, charge battery  about 8-10 hours, because the battery is not used in a long time (warehouse) We recommend that you charge it first .

2. Every Using Laptop is better if you keep charging the battery  (in charge continues, though it was still charged full continued) Since the new battery types have control battery, means "if full, the battery will stop charging (stand by) so the laptop automatically direct use electric power , and also does not make the battery damaged.

3.Do not Make the CDC system (Charge Discharge) = "If the battery is fully unplug the adapter, and plug the adapter after it is".

4.Batteries do not be in CALIBRATION (emptying the contents of the battery to run out 0%) because many the effect to the battery (Cycle Count)

5.Do not remove your battery, when a sudden power failure occurs surge laptop device (LCD, etc.) and cause damage to the laptop hardware. In addition to the battery It also controls the electrical current that goes before the other devices.

6.Before using your laptop, a 5-minute charging laptop battery first, 5 minutes after the laptop is turned off just unplug the adapter.

7.When Using Battery (portable / without the charge), avoid (play games, play DVD / CD, Software Graphics High). If There's Still Power Electric passable in charge wrote.

8.Make sure the room temperature is not too hot, because
lowering effect of high temperature battery performance (cycle count is reduced)
Since, the temperature is the mortal enemy of battery

• Use a laptop like a PC, if there is no source of electricity, just turn it off
• A Battery Work When will inevitably decline, better damaged laptop battery than damaged other hardware ..
but how do we maintain the battery's performance in recent years with the tips above


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