How To Download From Youtube Easily

Friday, February 3, 2012

youtube download
Find a good video on youtube but confused how to keep it?
do not worry, a few steps how to download from youtube below, you can save your favorite videos without any limits.

Q: does having to install complicated software?
A: no, just 1 firefox add ons and a script from the greasemonkey
Q: just that?
A: yes, not complicated right?
Q: are you handsome?
A: sure, I am handsome, kind and not arrogant. hahahaha #peace

Enough for joking, back into the topic. how to download from youtube:

1. install the add ons greasemonkey by clicking the link below.
2. after installing, restart your firefox.
3. after that, follow the link below to install the greasemonkey script.
4. Click install
download youtube as mp4
install script

Easy right? by following the way of how to download from youtube, now you can download from youtube. Happy download for you all :) .

note : if you use chrome, you can skip step 1 and 2.


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